Blue Canyon Partners, Inc. is a management consulting firm that provides Fortune 1000 business-to-business executives and private equity firms strategic direction on how to drive profitable growth. As one of the innovators of business-to-business growth strategy, we have executed hundreds of engagements across more than 30 industries around the globe. We help our clients identify and take advantage of new growth opportunities and discover how to create and capture more value from existing businesses.

To succeed in today’s business-to-business environment, it’s all about helping your customers succeed. Yet complex customer chains, competitive pressures, changes in channels, and new business models can disrupt your growth strategies at any given pass. And despite best intentions, internal obstacles abound—conflicting priorities, resource constraints, pressure from stakeholders, and a host of other factors.

These are the fundamental issues that Blue Canyon Partners has been addressing for decades. At our core is one goal—GROWTH.

We help business-to-business organizations—Fortune 1000 to private equity firms and their operating companies—define the right strategy, translate that strategy into action, and be rewarded with profitable growth in return. We position our clients for success by helping them:

Companies come to us when they need guidance on growth challenges or seek to maximize growth opportunities. We focus on key business drivers that deliver profitable growth, helping clients optimize the front-end of their business. We assess, inform, and develop:

Corporate & Business Unit Strategy

Market-driven strategies that define key imperatives to maximize long-term organizational value

Marketing & Customer Strategy

Effective marketing and customer strategy and action plans to deliver profitable growth within selected global markets

Private Equity

Strategic advice on how to drive profitable growth at every stage of the ownership cycle