Mergers and Acquisitions

Identify optimal strategic targets for growth

Decisions on acquisitions are always a challenge, and failed combinations are common. How can your firm maximize growth from an acquisition and overcome the odds of failure? We provide a strategic approach to mergers and acquisitions that mitigates the risk of buying the wrong firm or creating the wrong alliances.

Acquisition decisions should be addressed with discipline and strategy, but oftentimes companies pursue them opportunistically. Perhaps a competitor’s shareholder is looking to buy up a competitor, maybe an investment banker is shopping a deal, or an executive becomes set on the merits of a particular firm. These are all reactive, one-off situations—acquisition prospects that are considered primarily based on current valuation and seller motivation. We bring a more regimented, strategic approach to companies considering acquisition possibilities.

We offer an approach towards evaluating the strategic benefits of an acquisition target, including ways to thwart unwanted competitor responses and, instead, successfully alter the competitive balance. By assessing the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, we help the acquirer and acquisition candidate understand how their combined firm can hold a sustained leadership position.

Backed by our action-oriented methodology, our mergers and acquisitions engagements have helped clients:

  • Increase revenue and profit growth
  • Access new markets and customers
  • Create value for current and new customers
  • Capture more of the value chain
  • Establish competitive barriers