Partnerships to increase access and better serve end customers

Channel partners are critical to many business-to-business organizations, playing a pivotal role in what can be an intricate and complex pathway along the customer chain. On one end of the spectrum, issues such as goal misalignment, conflicting objectives, marketplace consolidation, and disruption can have a significant impact on channel partnerships. On the other end, myriad opportunities exist, from identifying new channel networks for new markets to enhancing channel partnerships to jointly earn more profit along the value chain. Having worked on a multitude of channel assignments across this wide spectrum, we excel at creating high-performing channel strategies.

Our action-oriented methodology examines the factors important to end customers and determines how to align the business strategies of different participants along the customer chain to meet the end customers’ evolving needs. In order to be effective, roles, responsibilities, and contributions must be clearly identified to ensure each participant along the customer chain is creating optimal value and capturing value in return. Our work with suppliers, distributors, wholesalers, dealerships, value-added resellers, Big Box retailers, system integrators, and other channel partner organizations has resulted in unique, proven frameworks that efficiently and effectively identify gaps in service, overlapping responsibilities, and opportunities to earn greater profits.

Our channel strategy engagements have helped clients:

  • Unravel complex go-to-market channel choices
  • Design optimized channel partner networks
  • Align supplier-partner economic interests
  • Resolve inter- and extra-channel conflict
  • Improve channel relationships
  • Build collaborative, winning teams with channel partners
  • Strengthen channel management tools, including: policies, authorizations, and rewards