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Build stronger relationships and increase penetration with major customers

Major customer relationships are often a critical source of a supplier’s revenue and can be the best opportunity for growth. Yet, disruption, loss of customer focus, and pricing pressures also can make them a constant challenge. These important relationships are typically complex, involving multiple products and services, numerous global locations, and frequent interactions across numerous stakeholders. We help companies maintain focus and create strategies for establishing winning customer relationships.

Over several decades of working with clients on customer relationships globally, we have developed multiple tools and proprietary frameworks to drive greater customer focus throughout the organization, segment accounts for greater profitability and improved positioning, and define and establish the appropriate strategy to elevate customer relationships. Our extensive work in this area has demonstrated how establishing healthy, sustainable relationships with major customers can serve as a significant revenue and profitability driver for business-to-business companies.

Our major customer engagements have helped clients:

  • Prioritize major customers for relationship development
  • Increase penetration of major customers
  • Elevate visibility and level of relationships
  • Diagnose and solve relationship issues
  • Develop an effective strategic account management program