Over the past two decades, Blue Canyon has worked with a multitude of business-to-business companies—from Fortune 1000 to private equity firms and their operating companies—executing hundreds of engagements across the globe in more than 30 industries touching on all aspects of growth strategy.

We know business-to-business

We understand the unique dynamics of the business-to-business environment: complex channels to market, multiple stakeholders, sophisticated purchase decision processes, multi-faceted customer needs, regulatory and government considerations, and more. Our action-oriented methodologies and proven frameworks are built to incorporate these dynamics, and our experienced team members understand how these factors impact an effective growth strategy.

We maintain a broad perspective to identify common trends, business patterns, and best practices across business-to-business industries. Whether our work is in automotive, healthcare, high-tech, industrial machinery, ingredients, packaging, off-road vehicles, or software, Blue Canyon has seen it before. One of the greatest benefits we bring to our clients are insights, lessons, and ideas from other industries that can provide value to them.

Our business-to-business clients bring us their growth challenges and opportunities. They rely on our strategic guidance to help them successfully solve their growth challenges and also maximize the return from their growth opportunities.


  • Stagnant/Slow Business Growth
  • Industry Disruption
  • Aggressive Revenue Expansion Targets
  • Increased Competition
  • Pricing Pressure/Falling Margins


  • New Business Models
  • New Market/Business Entry
  • Digital Transformation
  • Next Generation Offering
  • Merger/Acquisition/Partnerships