Business Models

two business persons plan a project

New or alternative models to drive growth and maximize value capture

The business model a company decides to deploy defines how it creates and captures value and can be a powerful tool to acquire customers, create differentiation, and establish barriers to competition. However, firms often do not recognize the power of an optimized business model and simply rely on the models that currently exist in their market or that they have always deployed, even when introducing unique and very different offerings.

In many cases, a new or alternative business model can help a firm accelerate its growth and capture more of the value it creates. Furthermore, as markets shift from hardware to software, data and analytics become more prevalent, and customers demand solutions instead of products, the varied offerings that companies can provide and the different types of business models that can be deployed have expanded significantly. Determining the optimal model has become even more critical and at the same time more complex.

At the core of our business model development strategy is the ability to effectively identify and quantify previously undetected sources of value and align the business model accordingly, taking into full account the overall business strategy and goals of the firm. Our approach defines the potential business models that could be deployed, evaluates the risks and rewards of each, and assesses the overall business impact in order to determine the optimal model to deploy.

Our business model development engagements have helped clients:

  • Build new data-driven business models
  • Monetize value-added capabilities and services
  • Drive faster adoption of products and services
  • Increase the overall value of a customer/sale