More effectively develop and target offerings

When companies’ growth plans are challenged because they are not getting positive results with their offering or through their marketing and business development efforts, poor segmentation is likely a key part of the problem. We offer an action-oriented methodology and market-driven, fact-based approach to build effective segmentation and high-impact value propositions.

Knowing your market—and the many idiosyncratic pockets of customer behavior within a market—is fundamental to developing a successful growth strategy. Segmentation provides the foundation on which a company’s growth strategy is built. It is the key driver that defines your opportunities, where you target, and how you win.

We work with clients to define the distinctive segments in their markets based on the different customer needs and/or purchase behaviors. With the segments clearly defined, appropriate target segments are selected based on attractiveness, and differentiated value propositions are formulated that become the foundation for developing an effective marketing and customer strategy. Our inside, outside, inside, outside approach focuses on listening to and learning from the client and all customers along the customer chain, as well as the multiple stakeholders, to clearly define the segments and build winning value propositions.

Our segmentation and value proposition engagements have helped clients:

  • Clearly define where to target and not to target
  • Prioritize resources on high-profit potential customers
  • Build more effective messaging
  • Develop more effective marketing and customer strategy
  • Determine necessary investments in capabilities to improve position in the market