B2B Brand

Strengthen your company’s brand

Brand equity is a strategic and financial asset linked to corporate strategy, vision, and values. Building a successful brand is a long-term, dynamic process, involving many different components, including: awareness, association, architecture, and stewardship. We work with business-to-business executives and private equity firms to strategically position brands for greater awareness, improved positioning, and, ultimately, a better return on investment.

Business-to-business brand building can be complicated, particularly in situations where a company has numerous product brands, numerous levels of brands, or two or more competing brands, which typically are a result of multiple merger/acquisition scenarios. Having a partner who understands business-to-business dynamics and experience in dealing with complex brand strategies can get your company to achieve high-impact results quicker. We utilize our action-oriented methodologies and proven frameworks to assess brand awareness and perception, provide clarity on how corporate brands should be positioned and managed, and offer guidance on how to effectively build and implement a corporate brand strategy.

Before logos are designed, new business cards are produced, and ads are sent to the printer, we help clients:

  • Define mission statements, core values, vision, goals, and differentiated business-to-business brands
  • Harmonize brands inherited from multiple acquisitions
  • Create a brand architecture to communicate the company’s capabilities and offerings
  • Define a differentiated brand promise