Private Equity

Increase returns at every stage of the ownership cycle

We provide private equity firms strategic advice on how to increase returns by driving profitable growth at every stage of the ownership cycle. We help private equity clients identify areas for immediate growth improvement post acquisition, develop strategies to accelerate growth during the value creation phase, and build compelling growth stories for a successful exit.

Whether you are looking to establish a platform, validate an existing investment thesis, drive organic growth, position for exit, or identify adjacent market opportunities, we can help our private equity clients increase the value of their companies. We do so by optimizing the key growth drivers within their operating company and/or by identifying new opportunities to deliver profitable, top line growth.

We utilize market-driven strategies to define where and how to play to achieve full growth potential. Our action-oriented methodologies and proven frameworks, applied to organizations from Fortune 500 to the middle market, provide a systematic approach to develop an in-depth understanding of market dynamics and offer ways for private equity firms and their operating companies to identify and take advantage of new growth opportunities and improve their ability to create and capture more value from their existing businesses.

Over the ownership cycle, we provide value to our private equity clients in multiple ways:

  • Acquisition: The first 100 days is a critical time to set the direction of the acquired firm and identify areas for immediate improvement. We help evaluate an acquisition’s current marketing and customer strategy, prioritize areas to focus on for greatest impact, and chart an ideal value creation plan.
  • Value Creation: Many times during the value creation stage, companies reach a plateau and are unable to achieve their expected growth potential. We help companies identify opportunities to increase profitable growth through more effective segmentation and value proposition, product/offering, channel, pricing, B2B brand, and major customer strategy.
  • Exit: When preparing for an exit, a compelling growth story is critical to maximize value received. Blue Canyon helps develop a go-forward growth strategy that defines how a company can win in its current-served market and also create additional value through harnessing new business models or entering adjacent markets.


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