Better meet customer needs and differentiate offers

The challenge of developing a coherent product/service/offering strategy is that it is often stifled or derailed by over-engineering, a misplaced fascination with technology, and/or lack of insight into changing customer needs and wants. Our proprietary framework uncovers the critical insights that are needed to develop winning products/services/offerings for business-to-business companies.

Whether a firm has adopted a stage-gate innovation process or an alternative new product development approach, in our experience, companies that are repeatedly the most successful in the marketplace with their new products, supportive services, and/or comprehensive offerings are those that proactively adhere to a market-driven approach. Our framework helps organizations quickly and thoughtfully identify customer insights that answer questions around how to achieve profitable growth by delivering the right offering to the right customer segment. Whether a customer is seeking an easy-to-use offer, a bells-and-whistles offer, a better total cost of ownership offer, and/or involving any number of other combinations of products, services, software, consumables, or equipment, our approach helps clients learn what customers desire—and, just as importantly, what they don’t care about—and how to respond to that request with a differentiated offer that customers will pay for over and over again.

Our product/service/offering strategy engagements have helped clients:

  • Resolve underlying, product-related reasons for decelerated growth
  • Successfully refocus product development
  • Identify and resolve gaps and redundancies in product portfolios
  • Invest in needed technical, local, and global services
  • Bring the right new product to market
  • Build a differentiated original offer that raises competitive barriers, and ensures the likelihood of a brand-for-brand replacement