Customer Focus

Create long-lasting, customer-focused differentiation to generate sustainable growth

The best companies thoroughly understand their customers and fully incorporate customer messages, preferences, and insights into their plans and priorities. However, the challenge is implementing that vision. We help companies successfully manage this transition by focusing on three key areas that drive cultural change—organizational structure and processes, systems and tools, and metrics.

There are many dimensions of implementing customer focus to consider—from ways of ensuring that key third parties (like customers, channel partners, and suppliers) support a new direction to understanding approaches to specific decisions in areas like product development, service delivery, and pricing. We draw upon extensive experience working with leading companies in diverse businesses to catalog the customer-focused practices that translate into success stories.

By sharing these benchmarks and best-in-class approaches with our clients, we can quickly reinforce their ability to meet the new challenge of driving customer-focused differentiation and avoid pitfalls that have thwarted other organizations. We have helped firms strengthen their product development and innovation processes, enabling them to take the contributions from such activities to a higher level.

Our customer focus engagements have helped clients:

  • Create and capture more value in new and legacy markets
  • Develop new business models
  • Successfully manage key customer and channel partner relationships