Accelerate growth beyond your existing businesses

To meet or exceed revenue expectations, companies have two options—take advantage of new growth opportunities or create and capture more value from existing businesses. We help companies on both sides of this growth spectrum. Our approach to adjacencies identifies optimal pathways to accelerate growth beyond current offerings or served markets.

Over the course of working with business-to-business companies over two decades, we have created a proprietary framework that offers a systematic approach to identify and assess adjacent opportunities. The framework addresses the two fundamental challenges that firms struggle with when considering adjacencies: what are my adjacent opportunities and which ones should I be focusing on? We determine the new customers, geographies, products, and/or applications that offer the greatest strategic fit, assess the benefits and risks, and define the critical success factors for entering high-potential adjacencies along with the optimal market entry approach (build, buy, or partner).

Our adjacencies engagements have helped clients:

  • Expand their options for growth
  • Diversify their revenue streams
  • Define platform growth strategies
  • Expand globally
  • Identify strategic buyers as part of an exit strategy