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Developing a Brand Positioning for A Large Equipment Manufacturer

The Challenge: A manufacturer of heavy duty equipment was looking to unify its business, and better serve market demands by developing a strong corporate brand positioning. The firm had been essentially functioning as a holding company— the corporate level of the organization operated over strongly branded, independent sub companies. Customers and employees were loyal to each of the branded companies and the firm needed to map a clear brand architecture and carefully implement a corporate brand strategy.

Assessment: Blue Canyon interviewed and surveyed the client’s global employees to assess their attachment to the various company brands and identify brand attributes employees felt represented their company, the corporate entity and their industry. Concurrently, Blue Canyon considered the external brand audience, conducting interviews with customers, end users, analysts and industry experts to assess the importance of various brand attributes to the market. A series of facilitated discussions with senior leadership allowed the client to define its mission, vision, goals and brand identity.

Strategic Solution: Results of the assessment showed that positioning the company brands under one powerful corporate brand was necessary to maintain a leadership stance in the industry.

Results: The client is transitioning to a brand architecture that emphasizes the corporate brand over company brands. Marketing campaigns are focused on communicating the message that the client is a unified company. Recently, a marketing campaign including a redesigned corporate website was launched as the homepage for its various company brands.

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