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Acquisition Targets for a Building Products Equipment Manufacturer

The Challenge: A leading equipment manufacturer with a strong market share in its core products and markets recognized that to achieve significant additional growth, it would require game-changing acquisitions. It decided that acquisitions should be prioritized to emphasize those which could be sold through channels in which it already participated.

Assessment: Blue Canyon utilized an Opportunity/Fit analysis to assess and prioritize the quality of opportunity and the level of fit of over thirty potential acquisition targets. The acquisition targets evaluated produced adjacent products and participated in the same channels as our client company. At the same time, we assessed the degree of integration fit and channel synergy that could be achieved if the top candidate were acquired.

Strategic Solution:
Blue Canyon developed a comprehensive profile of each target, examining product lines, segments and channels. Detailed forecasts were developed of growth by market segment and of the factors that will drive purchase decisions by key market participants. Blue Canyon also developed detailed insights into the factors that would drive success of the combined entity within each segment, recommended which segments to target, and helped to create Go-to-Market Strategies appropriate for each targeted segment.

Results: Executives in our client organization were able to agree on acquisition priorities and to concentrate their acquisition resources on targets in the priority segments.

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