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In-depth Market Assessment Identifies Incremental $540M in Available Market and Accelerated Growth

The Challenge: A provider of complex sheet metal assemblies needed to develop a more focused growth strategy to reverse its downward revenue trend and best leverage its limited sales, marketing, and engineering resources.

Assessment: Blue Canyon performed an in-depth analysis of the clients current capabilities, recent wins and losses, and most and least successful programs to identify which types of products and customers were the best fit for the client’s offering. Blue Canyon discovered that certain key product characteristics, such as large size and high SKU complexity, and certain key customer characteristics, such as emphasis on aesthetics and proximity of manufacturing, defined the best opportunities. Extensive secondary and primary research by Blue Canyon identified the market segments with greater presence of these characteristics and the critical elements to successfully serve the customers in these markets.

Strategic Solution: Blue Canyon recommended the client target market segments within the food and beverage, hospitality, medical, and alternative energy verticals, and emphasize three key elements of its value proposition to maximize win potential and return the business to growth. Blue Canyon also designed a robust screening tool to quickly qualify and prioritize opportunities to ensure resources were focusing time and effort on programs with the greatest potential for success.

Results: The target markets identified represented an incremental $540 million in available market for the client to pursue. The client reorganized its sales organization around the target markets and designed a new marketing plan to leverage the key elements of its value proposition. The screening tool was deployed within the organization to better qualify prospective opportunities and was expected to double the program win rate.

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