A Security Solutions Manufacturer Addresses Potential Disruptors in New Construction Market

Challenge: A security solutions manufacturer wanted to better understand the potential disruptors and changes underway in its core market of new construction sales. While it already commanded a leading share in this market, it became clear that the same strategy would not ensure continued success if the company did not stay ahead of changes in technology, channel disruption, and other market disruptors.

Assessment: Blue Canyon conducted a quantitative analysis of market size, growth, and profit potential to understand past trends and future projections in the new construction market. To complement this work, the team conducted interviews with customer chain players to understand what disruption they anticipated and what expectations of suppliers they would require in the future. We learned where disruption was originating from, and that different segments required different types and levels of support depending on the key influencers involved and end customer vertical. A key finding was that productivity gains have been lacking for decades in the construction industry and addressing this issue could be a game changer.

Strategic Solution: Blue Canyon proposed a 5-part strategy that involved a focus on supporting the improvement of productivity in the new construction market, and a segment-specific approach that outlined value propositions, pricing, and level of service depending on the segment. The team outlined steps to repair/fix current deficiencies that would slow down these new initiatives if not addressed right away.

Result: The client is expected to generate over $100M in annual incremental revenue by 2019 based on commanding segments with little prior penetration and bolstering its already strong presence in core markets.

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