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Successfully navigate the China market

China is a highly diverse country. When looking to grow in China, the opportunities across various territories and vertical industries can be quite different. Furthermore, different market segments in China have evolved and matured at different rates over the last two decades. We help clients uncover opportunity in China by understanding the entire market, and how purchases are made in that market.

We focus on helping global companies better understand the China market. Our team tackles the tough issues through our proprietary, action-oriented methodologies for gathering information. These strong relationships are critical for conducting successful market analysis in China.

While Chinese competitors often compete on price—failing to create value—our approach involves identifying unmet needs that become the foundation for a solid, non-price based position in the China market. We help clients understand the full dimensions of the Chinese market so they can plan strategy for reaching attractive market segments that were previously undetected.

We provide focused expertise in the following areas:

  • Identify target market segments
  • Assess channel networks
  • Establish long-term customer relationships
  • Define growth potential