A Guide to Building Share in Core Markets

Mitigate Your Growth Risks: A Guide to Building Share in Core Markets

It is often tempting to search for growth by entering adjacent markets, acquiring companies, developing new businesses, etc. These can be risky plays. At times, the best play is to focus on the core and grow wallet share with your most important, major customers. Often there is ample room for growth here, and clients of ours have demonstrated proven results from following this approach. In addition, it can be a good hedge against the risks from a potential recession.

As B2B companies look to the core to drive growth, focusing on major customers with significant opportunity potential and strong strategic fit can yield dividends. This paper contains guidelines for ensuring proper prioritization of these major customers, building a relationship advantage, being very customer-focused and developing a detailed plan of action to bolster your ability to drive growth and win with the core.


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