Solar panels absorbing the suns energy on hot summer day

A Controls Manufacturer Seeks to Understand Energy Industry Opportunities in Emerging Markets

Challenge: Our client wanted to understand the market potential for its control systems in the non-grid connected solar projects in remote areas of Malaysia.

Assessment: Blue Canyon’s first step was to understand the government’s plans for remote solar development in Malaysia, as well as similar market potential in other countries in the region. Blue Canyon also investigated the markets for the type of equipment used in the silicon and PV production, determining the size and stage of development of this relatively young industry.

Strategic Solution: Feedback from interviews conducted in Malaysia verified the level of activity around large-scale implementation of individual small rural solar projects. Blue Canyon was able to determine from the feedback that opportunity in the solar market was both moderately large and growing very rapidly.

Results: Blue Canyon’s work allowed the client to make plans to proceed in Malaysia, but with realistic goals and plans based on the limited size of the market and role it would be able to play. It provided the client with a solid basis for moving forward with sales efforts, and then manufacturing, in China.

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