An Agriculture and Road Building Machinery Manufacturer enters the China Market

The Challenge: Our client, a leading international machine building company, was seeking a way to successfully enter China’s agricultural and construction markets.

Assessment: Blue Canyon conducted a thorough investigation of China’s agricultural and road-building equipment markets, focusing particularly on the segments that assessed equipment quality and durability relative to price.  The investigation included various product segments, competitor service requirements, channels to market, and key factors that drive customer decisions. Blue Canyon concluded there are potential future opportunities in the construction markets, but that these might be hindered or complicated by the absence of formal channels to market. The agricultural markets, by contrast, are comprised of government agricultural extension stations that are well-organized and can serve as partners in distribution.

Strategic Solution: Our work delivered a highly-detailed strategy and implementation plan for our client that included: a consideration of which segments to focus on, a list of potential distributors in each prospective province, an evaluation of the brand images of various companies in the client’s region, and a number of other analyses.

Results: The client expanded its agricultural machinery business to China successfully focusing on certain segments.

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