Blank, silver, power switch button ON OFF. Front view. 3D render illustration isolated on white background

Assessing Market Opportunities for a New Technology

The Challenge: Our client acquired a specialized firm with the belief that its product, a unique electrical switch technology, could be quickly commercialized and sold to customers in numerous markets. However, sales were unexpectedly slow and the client realized it needed a plan for how to succeed in the marketplace.

Assessment: Blue Canyon analyzed numerous markets to determine the fit for the product and to estimate long term revenue potential.

Strategic Solution: Blue Canyon identified a few key segments that would be more receptive to the product. The  client also learned to use our assessment framework and implemented the approach to evaluate new opportunities  throughout the business unit devoted to introducing new technologies.

Results: Having assessed all possible markets for the product, the client was able to carefully focus its efforts on more attractive market segments. With more realistic expectations and better direction, sales of the product grew.

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