55 Gallon drums are stacked on pallets at an industrial chemical warehouse. A corrosive sticker is visible on one drum.

Customer Relationship Assessment for Industrial Supplier

The Challenge: A large, global industrial supplier engaged Blue Canyon to conduct a deep-dive relationship assessment on one of its major global customers. The company needed to better understand the state of its current relationship and determine if there were new, future opportunities and strategies that would help enhance the relationship and aid in the supplier’s growth.

Assessment: Blue Canyon led a deep-dive relationship assessment of the major customer using one of its proprietary benchmarking assessment tools and on-the-ground interviews. Interviews were organized with diverse functions across Europe, Asia, and North America, to understand our client’s strengths, areas for improvement, and any gaps.

Strategic Solution: Blue Canyon defined a strategy with comprehensive action plans detailing how the client could better serve the major customer more effectively across the globe, including investing in a greater local presence, addressing service issues, and reorganizing the client’s account management structure to reflect the customers’ evolving organizational structure.

Results: Our client implemented the strategic recommendations, shared these changes directly with executives of the account, and within 24 months revenues increased by 13.5%.

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