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Identifying Opportunities to Improve Go-to-Market and Get-to-Market Approaches

The Challenge: A private equity firm wanted to provide its operating companies with a way in which to systematically understand how to maximize growth. The firm engaged Blue Canyon to initially assess one of its portfolio companies, a distribution logistics solution provider. The objective was to evaluate the companies Go-to-Market strategy and Get-to-Market execution holistically and identify any opportunities for improvement that could enhance the company’s growth targets.

Assessment: Blue Canyon utilized its proprietary Go-to-Market, Get-to-Market diagnostic tool to analyze seven areas within the business and identify gaps and opportunities to help maximize growth. Blue Canyon identified three areas of the business’ Go-to-Market strategy that could benefit from improved customer insights, better targeting, and a review of the company’s segmentation. From an execution standpoint, the operating company could improve sales by restructuring the sales organization and implementing key support tools and processes.

Strategic Solution: To maximize sustainable growth, Blue Canyon provided 14 recommended actions with prioritization and an action plan. The action plan was broken down into three phases aimed to focus the organization’s strategy, strengthen its competitive advantage, and drive efficiency and effectiveness throughout its sales organization.

Results: The private equity firm appreciated Blue Canyon’s turnkey approach to identify gaps in the operating company’s strategy and strategy execution. The findings outlined ways in which the company could improve in areas that would enhance top line growth in a relatively short period of time. The client team is expected to move forward with Blue Canyon’s recommendations.

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