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European Telecommunications Market Evaluation

The Challenge: Our client was contemplating an acquisition in the European telecom market and was interested in gaining an understanding of the future evolution of the marketplace and the relative competitive position of the acquisition target.

Assessment: Blue Canyon performed comprehensive interviews of senior executives in strategy, marketing, and network roles at major telecom companies across the key markets in Europe. Blue Canyon used the input from the interviews to develop a strategic road map of the European telecom market and characterize the position of the acquisition target using direct input from the marketplace.

Strategic Solution: Blue Canyon was able to identify the key trends in the marketplace, as well as evaluate the acquisition target’s ability to be successful going forward given the industry dynamics. In addition, Blue Canyon identified the acquisition candidate’s relative strengths and weaknesses to evaluate its overall attractiveness to the client.

Results: Based on the strategic road map developed by Blue Canyon, our client decided to acquire the firm and has strengthened its presence in the European market.

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