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Ingredient Supplier Makes Cultural Shift to Become More Customer Focused

The Challenge: A leading supplier in the food and beverage industry was looking to create a more customer-focused organization as a way to differentiate itself from its competitors. The client engaged Blue Canyon to develop a customer-focused transformation framework along with action plans that would raise the client’s level of customer focus.

Assessment: After interviewing several key stakeholders within the organization and conducting a company assessment, Blue Canyon determined that becoming more customer-focused could drive differentiation for the client. However, becoming customer-focused would require a major cultural transformation and participation across all of the client’s functions. This would entail several key actions around organizational structure, systems, and processes to drive change throughout the organization.

Strategic Solution: Working collaboratively with the client, Blue Canyon recommended several action items around systems, processes, new roles, metrics, incentives, and a communication plan that would help the client become more customer-focused over a three-year time frame.

Results: The client presented the results of the project at its annual leadership conference and is in the process of implementing several of the action items, including: metrics, the addition of new roles, the improvement of systems and processes, and the development of training and communications programs to roll out the culture transformation.

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