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A Fortune 50 Global Company Evaluates its Future Portfolio in Evolving Automotive Industry

Challenge: A global company with expertise in engineering materials was going through major spin-off and restructuring. With changing assets and capabilities, the company was evaluating new approaches needed to reach future aspirational financial returns. As part of this initiative, our client wanted to better understand the transformational trends underway in the global electric vehicle (EV) passenger car market and identify potential areas of consideration for the future.

Assessment: Blue Canyon developed deep insights into the EV market from OEMs, battery manufacturers, and tier suppliers across the world. Blue Canyon built an EV index to identify the leaders and laggards. Blue Canyon also identified the new challenges and drivers that are gaining significance with EV evolution and the impact of those changing drivers on various vehicle applications.

Strategic Solution: Blue Canyon developed strategic options for the client based on vehicle applications and drivers that will become attractive with EV emergence, taking into account the client’s ability to build and execute on those drivers and applications. Each option laid out the core focus for the client, benefits of pursuing the option, and the associated risk. Based on the client’s appetite for growth and investment, Blue Canyon recommended the option that was tailored for how the client and customers organized themselves in the marketplace. Blue Canyon also identified the relationships that need to be forged and maintained by the client to be positioned for success and stay ahead of the competition.

Result: The client presented this study to its board of directors and gained approval to build out a new business model for entering the EV market. The expansion into EV is expected to contribute to the corporation’s goal of generating an additional $2B in revenue over the next 5 years.

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