Growth Strategy for a Vehicle Manufacturer

The Challenge: A leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles was facing increased competition and pricing pressures from competitors and, as a result, was exploring new opportunities for growth in the North American market. The client was concerned about delivering short-term sales while building its organization to increase vehicle penetration through a new product launch.

Assessment: Blue Canyon teamed with the client to identify how to integrate key product and services offerings into a solution that would appeal to owners of the major fleets. Blue Canyon also analyzed the clients’ product assets and organizational capabilities, which included both direct and dealer sales.

Strategic Solution: Blue Canyon recommended an integrated solution that would better address the fleet’s needs to partner with a critical vehicle supplier. Blue Canyon developed a five-year plan to invest in the business and show both near-term and longer-term results. The plan included organizational development and investments in key product enhancements, marketing and sales capabilities. We also identified short-term action plans to exploit opportunities in the market at the same time that the transition was taking place to a new sales model appropriate for sustained growth.

Results: Revenues grew an incremental 8% in Year 1, with revenue projections ramping up to an incremental 27% by Year 5.

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