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Strategic Account Selection & Implementation Of Strategic Account Plans

The Challenge: A global engine manufacturer had created a new division to capture certain important commercial OEM opportunities, based upon a previous strategy project undertaken by Blue Canyon Partners. The company asked for help with the implementation of its previously developed Get-to-Market Plans.

Assessment: Blue Canyon worked with the client to select strategic accounts and conducted a detailed assessment of how each account should be approached from a consultative sales perspective. We also developed an in-depth assessment as to the strengths and weaknesses of each existing customer relationship, identifying the barriers that were most likely to thwart the achievement of the client’s growth goals.

Strategic Solution: Based on these findings, Blue Canyon created detailed plans, including goals, account team participants, and specific “What-Who-When” action plans for each account. Cross-functional teams specific to each account were established with an appropriate mix of sales, marketing, service, and engineering resources, in order to implement the action plans. In addition, Blue Canyon worked with team leaders to facilitate the swift implementation of this new approach to enhancing key customer relationships.

Results: The company’s success with the accounts included in this action plan was significant – measured in terms of 7 new contract awards within 19 months – prompting it to subsequently implement the model with other key relationships in other divisions.

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