Industrial Air Conditioner Refrigeration Cooling System in Warehouse

Opportunities and Threats Analysis for a Supplier of Components to the Refrigerated Transportation Industry

The Challenge: Our client, a global manufacturer of refrigeration solutions, was looking to better understand the technology evolution of refrigeration units for trailers and trucks in North America and Europe, and the resulting opportunities and threats to its component business. Blue Canyon worked closely with the client to deliver an in-depth understanding of the market for refrigeration units in trailers and trucks in both North America and Europe.

Assessment: Through extensive primary and secondary research, Blue Canyon gathered direct market feedback from key industry players on the expected development of refrigeration unit technology. This feedback included executive input on the market dynamics behind the refrigeration evolution, present market barriers needed to be overcome, and various differences across end-user segments. The feedback also contained anticipated timelines, the refrigerator designs believed to have the greatest potential, and the OEMs currently best positioned for success.

Strategic Solution: Blue Canyon developed a set of scenarios for the penetration of different refrigeration unit technologies over the next five years. The scenarios were separated according to geographic region and market segment. In addition, Blue Canyon developed a framework for identifying potential opportunities and threats along multiple dimensions, including: technology, OEMs, channel, end customers, and the aftermarket.

Results: Blue Canyon conducted a workshop with the client to identify the most likely future market scenario for each geographic region and segment, and to document and prioritize the corresponding opportunities and threats accordingly. The client used the output developed as a key input to its future investment plans.

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