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Pinpointing Growth Opportunities for An Agriculture Equipment Manufacturer

Challenge: An agricultural equipment manufacturer wanted to understand why it was seeing a slipping market share in one of its primary product categories. Blue Canyon identified three product lines that were most important due to its industry volume size and the client’s struggling market share.

Assessment: Blue Canyon examined the client’s geographic areas of strength and weakness across North America in order to focus on specific regions for in-depth and targeted interviews. Through extensive primary research with end-users and dealers of equipment, Blue Canyon uncovered several factors driving the client’s worsening market position across the three product lines, including a “hangover” from quality issues in previous years and new competitive threats.

Strategic Solution: Based on these findings, Blue Canyon made a series of strong recommendations and successive action items to directly address the multitude of challenges the client faced. For example, in one product line, the client faced an extremely demanding end-user that required a dedicated business unit within the organization that would focus exclusively on this product and the customer needs.

Results: The client used Blue Canyon’s action items to structure its annual budget and inform immediate plans to take share in this important product category.

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