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Targeting Market Segments for Supplies Wholesaler

The Challenge: Our client, a wholesaler of supplies to various resellers, was looking to evaluate and prioritize which reseller segments it should pursue in a quest to achieve $500 million in revenue growth.

Assessment: Blue Canyon undertook a detailed assessment of each reseller segment the client was interested in.  Blue Canyon identified the criteria to use to evaluate each reseller segment to determine which segment offered the greatest opportunity and also fit best with the clients offering and capabilities.

Strategic Solution: Blue Canyon identified three high priority segments, two lower priority segments, and two segments the client should avoid. Blue Canyon also developed detailed estimates of the potential revenue the client could capture through serving each of the segments.

Results: Blue Canyon was able to work with the client to identify which specific challenges the client would need to overcome to serve each segment. Blue Canyon also helped the client formulate the value proposition they should present to each potential reseller. The client has introduced its product into the new market segments and seen revenues climb.

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