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Acquisition Target Fit Assessment in the Commercial Vehicle Aftermarket

The Challenge: Our client, a provider of aftermarket products for trucks and automobiles, had a high market share in its commercial-vehicle aftermarket products division. However, the client recognized that growth would require several acquisitions, ideally within a channel the client was familiar with.

Assessment: Blue Canyon undertook a comprehensive strategy of the industry examining each of its segments. Blue Canyon developed detailed forecasts of growth opportunities for each market segment and also determined the key factors that could influence purchasing decisions of important market participants.

Strategic Solution: Blue Canyon interviewed an extensive roster of industry executives to develop detailed insights into the factors that drove success within each market segment. Blue Canyon recommended which segments to target, and helped the client create Go-To Market strategies appropriate for each targeted segment.

Results: Blue Canyon pinpointed several acquisition candidates that offered growth opportunity and fit with the client’s core business. As a result, the client acquired multiple firms that positioned the firm for further growth.

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