B2B Brand Architecture How to Build Value in a Changing Marketplace

B2B Brand Architecture: How to Build Value in a Changing Marketplace

Greater commoditization, the expansion of credible low-cost competitors, increasing variety and complexity of offerings, and the growth of eCommerce means that B2B brand is becoming more important for the success of companies. Having the right brand architecture can be a powerful tool to help a company increase its brand equity and strengthen its position in the marketplace. Yet, many companies fail to take full advantage of a well-designed brand architecture.

In this white paper, we will explain how:

  • Establishing and leveraging a strong corporate brand can increase the value of a company’s offering brands and make the company more attractive to other stakeholders, such as channel partners, employees, and investors
  • Better coordination across offering brands allows a company to more effectively leverage a strong offerings’ brand equity across its portfolio, and emphasize areas of expertise and enable portfolio/solution selling
  • Simplifying brand architecture allows companies to better focus its resources and the customer’s attention on key brands, building greater brand equity; it is important for B2B companies to make sure it considers the customer chain when making key brand architecture decisions

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