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Digital Transformation: How to Commercialize Your Breakthrough Internet of Things (IoT) Offer

An overabundance of trend setting technology platforms—from eCommerce to the Internet of Things (IoT) with data analytics—has resulted in a crowded field of emerging ideas, new players, and creative apps. Within this environment, business-to-business (B2B) leaders are challenged to implement new digitally enabled offerings that will ultimately add to, and not dilute, earnings. But how do business leaders know which offering will be successful in the market and which ones will fail to flourish?

Across many business sectors, B2B leaders share their concerns about how to successfully commercialize such offerings. During our IoT panel discussion among four senior executives from Emerson, Zebra Technologies, Johnson Controls, and Komatsu, we learned that commercializing these offers are just as challenging as developing the underlying technology.

As more and more B2B suppliers experiment with connected technologies and begin to implement IoT initiatives at a rapid pace, it’s imperative that suppliers must quickly understand how to effectively commercialize these new ground-breaking offers to stay ahead of their competitors. In this white paper, we will detail the key elements that must be addressed when commercializing an IoT offering, including:

  • How to know which customers would benefit from an IoT offer
  • How to reach these customers with the right channel partners, and
  • How to choose the right monetization model

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