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Leading Global Manufacturer Looks to Increase U.S. Market Share in Outdoor Power Equipment Aftermarket

The Challenge: A worldwide leading manufacturer of premium engine devices was interested in increasing market share in the U.S. aftermarket for outdoor power equipment, while facing an array of lower cost competitors. The company engaged Blue Canyon to develop a strategy to grow in the U.S. aftermarket and meet the company’s ambitious growth goals.

Assessment: Blue Canyon developed a detailed growth strategy based on an in-depth assessment of the market structure, size, scope, and growth economics; purchase decision drivers, channel participants, and customer chains; and profit pools, price points, and feature sets.

Strategic Solution: Blue Canyon learned that although the client was recognized as a premium offer in a commodity market, there was minor differentiation, which did not warrant a 10-15% price premium. It also discovered that the end user was not price-driven, but the client’s channel was. Blue Canyon developed a program to support the channel and its ability to sell or switch customers to the client’s premium product.

Results: Through implementation of the strategy the team is expected to gain 12 percentage points of incremental market share in the outdoor power equipment market.

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