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Growth Strategy for a Leading Process Automation Technology Provider

The Challenge: A leading process automation technology provider needed to decide if it made strategic sense to add a new technology to its portfolio of metering offerings to enhance its industry leadership position in the marketplace.

Assessment: Blue Canyon conducted a deep-dive market analysis for the new technology to define the market opportunity and players and identify key customer purchase decision drivers. As part of the analysis, Blue Canyon tested various hypotheses regarding the value of adding the new technology to the client’s portfolio and the risks of not adding it. The team identified the key factors for success if it was found that entering the market would be beneficial.

Strategic Solution: Blue Canyon determined that there was not a strong enough strategic rationale to add the new technology from an overall portfolio offering perspective. The potential value and risks were not significant. However, Blue Canyon uncovered that the market was attractive as a standalone play if, and only if, the client could develop a highly differentiated offering that addressed customers’ unmet needs.

Results: Based on Blue Canyon’s findings, the client dedicated a team to explore opportunities to develop a highly differentiated product and deferred its plan to add the new technology to its portfolio. This allowed the company to regroup its investments into other initiatives that would enhance its market leadership position.

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