China Economy

China: The Bad News and The Good News

Spanning over two decades of 10 percent annual economic growth in China, we frequently heard reports that the numbers were fabricated and/or the growth was unsustainable and based on a shaky foundation. Although the visible changes in China during this time make it impossible to argue that the rapid growth wasn’t real, China’s economy currently is on track to grow significantly more slowly in the near future. However, all news is not bad news. In this white paper, author David G. Hartman explains that while China’s slowing growth is serious news, there is a silver lining if one looks beyond the day-to-day headlines.

David thoughtfully looks at both the bad news and good news, and highlights how China’s future developments will impact foreign manufacturers, the heavy equipment industry, consumer products manufacturers, and business-to-business suppliers. David closes with advice to executives on how to assess both the short-term and long-term trends in China.


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