Marketing Strategy

A Strategy Diagnostic: How to Optimize the Success of Your Go-to-Market and Get-to-Market Efforts

When it comes to devising and implementing a business growth strategy, those responsible for strategic planning, marketing, and sales within an organization have a lot at stake to ensure its success. When a strategy does not meet expectations or goes off course, it can be difficult to determine if it was the strategy itself or the implementation of the strategy. Unfortunately, the more common reality is that certain elements of the strategy and the implementation are missing or incomplete. Without the proper tools, many executives are unable to quickly identify where the gaps are in the strategy and in the execution of the strategy. When this occurs, incorrect assumptions are often made as to why certain areas within the organization are underperforming and corrective actions become misguided.

This paper shows how organizations can quickly identify disconnects, gaps, and areas for improvement for a strategy and the execution of that strategy to be successful. It also identifies ways to involve the sales and support organizations in the upfront marketing strategy to ensure marketing and sales alignment.


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