Stay Ahead of the Game: How to Recognize and Respond to Disruption

Significant changes in your market that call into question the very nature of your business and its future profitability require decisive leadership and dedicated strategies. Disruptive change in an industry often emerges quickly, and incumbent firms struggle to develop effective responses. However, firms have the ability to counter these changes and even harness them to drive profitable growth.

In our previous white paper, What’s Your Play? A B2B Executive’s Guide to Identifying and Creating Disruption, Blue Canyon addressed the first four questions below, providing B2B executives with a framework to think about offensive strategies for disruption. The decision to become a disruptive player, however, hinges on a firm’s understanding of the risks of their market being disrupted. To identify and survive in a market ripe for disruption, companies must understand:

  1. What is disruption?
  2. What enables disruption?
  3. In what ways can disruption occur?
  4. How can we disrupt the market?
  5. Are we at risk for disruption?
  6. How do we monitor for disruption?
  7. How do we prepare for disruption?
  8. How do we respond to disruption?

In this white paper, Blue Canyon will examine the final four questions. Drawing on conversations with executives across B2B industries and our experience in multiple engagements in markets facing disruption, we will provide an approach for proactively identifying and responding to disruption.

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